Be: The Author of your Ity

“If  you have an open mind, are willing to learn something new , or, you’re interested in connecting the Metaphysical to the Scientifical, and would like to know a little about me; this is the place to be”.

Be, The Author of your ity.  Author = Creator. Ity = Writ or Law


Born into the 1960’s with its unique influences, I didn’t begin my serious, or conscious, research and development as a Therapist and Instructor of ‘Acu-Stim’, until the end of 1999. Reading psychology at Manchester Metropolitan University for seven years, between the year 2000 and 2007, culminating in a Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Psychology. (BSc Hons.Ψ)

Furthermore, in hindsight, that was a momentous achievement for me personally. Partly due to overcoming some of the demoralising, at the time, names, I was given in my formative years. Such as, “Dunderhead”, or a particularly personal one I recall, “Nicky Dumb Dumbs”.walking-1513942

I breath a sigh of relief now, realising I got away lightly. Looking back at the symptoms I was expressing, the ‘Me’, then,  would have been an undiagnosed: Autistic Dyslexic, with PTSD, ADHD, ADD, GAD, BPD and ODD. According to the labelling, or libelling criteria of some books today.

  I am a self accredited and honorary ‘PhD’. (Phorma Dunce). For those who don’t know me that’s part of my sense of humour. I call it playing with words and symbols, because I find it fun, and enjoyable. Others have called me semantic, while some have affectionately called me Dr. Nick; that was during my volunteering at Piper. (The Peer Intervention Project for Education & Research) Which was all part of my five year voluntary internship, and training as a substance misuse worker. Piper being at the leading edge of substance misuse interventions within the NHS, that is, the National Health Service, Mental Health Trust. Now known as Greater Manchester West or,GMW.NHS.MHT for short.

I have designed and developed a bio-psycho-social training course that teaches people how to strengthen their mind and body system. Bringing about a calm, aware and equanimous mind. The practice and application of this skill based course improves, among other things; emotional awareness, the ability to relax , cognitive and psycho motor skills and other overall well-being improvements.

This therapy and training is a combination of T.C.M. (Traditional Chinese Medicine) & Neuropsychology, with a Mindfulness based Psycho Social intervention, (ICME , said, I see me , which is an abbreviation for Inner Contextual Mindful Emotions, or mapping for short). This instrument and practical tool is grounded in Gold topic counselling, C.B.T, (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy) for short I named the whole thing Acu-Stim. It works and we have the video evidence and affidavits to prove it. So please don’t believe me, I could be the biggest liar you ever met.

More background data:

From the year 2000, The Acu-Stim treatment & training course, that I introduced to Piper, originally came from my work with Street Talk Voluntary Organisation. That, was then piloted within Piper, Trafford Substance Misuse Service, Bolton, Salford & Trafford NHS Mental Health Trust. Known technically as, ‘Bacon, Sausage & Tomatoes, with More Hot Toast’.

Furthermore, My training course received accreditation from The National Open College Network Manchester in 2004. With the then, further developed Street Talk, becoming an approved Open College Network Centre for training.people-walking-in-the-streets-1427958

With 2016 coming to an end, there is still a growing need for this specific treatment and training service. There is a great need for change that’s been identified within our prisons, and criminal justice system, as well as within other places of institutionalised care. Some of our education systems and supported living systems could also benefit in many ways.

The practical application of this system helps improve the lives of people struggling with the symptoms of dependence, Dyslexia, ADHD, ADD, ODD, Autism, PTSD, Impulse Control disorders, Mental Health conditions; including addictions.mind-the-gap-1503930

I have recently (over the last six months or so) been in correspondence with NOMS, The National Offender Management Service in the U.K. where I have offered them a project called ‘Peace in Prison & Beyond’. It involves  Acu-Stim training , leading to Vipassana All the evidence to support its unfolding is there. They seem interested, they could easily of said no. I remain optimistic as usual about our future, no matter what, anything is possible.

The list is endless as far as the applications and benefits that can be derived from the implementation of an evidenced based, therapeutic stress reduction modality such as this. Whereby, bringing in relaxation and homoeostasis becomes more than just another new age gimmick.



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