Metaphysical Healings Blog: Post number one.

Metaphysical healing. Beyond the physical and into the beginning of creation.

“The Mind is like a fertile garden, what ever seeds are sown therein,  will grow abundantly”.

The Mind precedes Matter, therefore what you think has a profound influence on your physical environment. Ultimately you are responsible. You have the ability to respond. We all create our own reality, depending on the seeds we sow.

Edited and published by, Nicholas: J. Segal. All rights reserved. WITHOUT PREJUDICE

Influenced by the Tramp, the work of Ernest Holmes and other truth tellers. No one has a monopoly on truth, it is there to be of benefit to the world.                                       The truth never changes, it’s only the words used to convey it that change.

Ten Steps on How to get out of a black hole, that is, if your stuck in a cycle of negativity.  Don’t fret there is always hope. Then, you can get on with living a life of satisfaction that’s worth living.

The ten steps outlined below, if  practiced consistently and diligently will help anyone who practices them, to help their own life, and the life of others to improve immeasurably.

Each of the steps will be expanded upon in subsequent postings or books.

Step Number One: Dissolving the Negative habit patterns of the mind.
These are the learnt negative attitudes, thoughts and beliefs. You’ll know them by how you feel. Don’t worry they can be un learnt by replacing them, as the void will always be filled, either by you consciously or unconsciously.                                          Think: “I can do, I can achieve, I can realise anything I have a desire for”. ” I will gain, by helping others gain”. Negative thoughts will produce negative results, as easily as positive thoughts will produce positive results. That is the Law, that always was, is and will be. It is always at work wether we are aware of it or not. To utilise this law, magnetise and fill your self consistently with good feeling thoughts and watch what happens.

Step Number two: Stop worrying.

“There is Nothing in the world that is worth the price of worry”. Worrying is also a learnt habit pattern of the mind, therefore it can be un learnt. The habit pattern of worrying causes most illnesses, both physical and mental. It disturbs the mind and causes the body to become sick. To recondition the mind repeat to your self every morning, First thing upon arising and last thing at night just before sleep. New thoughts.
“The past is gone and I no longer carry it with me”. “Every day in every way, I am getting better and better”. As you say these affirmations to your self, feel the feelings with all your senses, feel the benefits this will have on your self and others. Feel, use your imagination, see and experience the improvements you’d like to have in your life and know they are working their way towards you.

Step Number three: Release inferiority.

Realise you are a unique and valuable human being there is no one else on Earth exactly like you. Say that to yourself and believe it, after all, beliefs are only thoughts that have been repeated over and over and become internalised. Know, that no one is higher or lower than anyone. Everyone has an equally important purpose here and now. You came from non physical infinite, pure loving intelligence. You are here on a mission and the most powerful creative force is on your side. Once aligned with your source energy from which you came anything is possible. You are a child of the universe, No one is higher or lower than you.

Step Number four: Ask your self, who am I ?

Think about who you really are, your personality and character, where did it come from ? How did you learn to communicate with the world you were born into?           Your origin is the most powerful non physical thought vibration, the creator of universes. It is always loving, creative and positive. Yes the universe is friendly.        You are part of that,  that energy is everywhere and in everything and everyone. This thought stuff is the very fast frequency of vibrating energy, it is the building blocks that eventually slows down enough to become its physical equivalent. You have a unique purpose and job to do, and you will know it when you’re doing it, because it will Feel exiting and good.

Step Number five: Take it easy.

Learn how to take things easily, relax. The easier you make your work, the more you will accomplish. Always take the path of least resistance, go with the flow and know you can not get it wrong and you have eternity to get it done. Nothing really dies, it just evolves to a higher level of being. Everything is energy, pulsating atoms and molecules. So long as you know you are always doing the best you can with every moment you are here. Let any burdens you think you have go, take a deep breath and let it go slowly, let the relaxation in. Trust, there are no mistakes, relax, you are always loved, no matter what happens.

Step Number six: Count your blessings.

Make a note everyday of things to be grateful for, look for the good in everything. You are here to experience things through all the physical senses, have fun and be happy. Start looking for ways to enjoy each of your physical senses that you do have, hopefully you have at least one. Count all the little simple things, as they are the most powerful. “I am so happy and grateful now, as I now know that I live in an abundant universe of which I am an important apart of”.                                                                  “Peace, love, harmony and abundance flows to me and through me in increasing amounts, from multiple directions, on a continuous basis”. Take nothing for granted. “Thank you Water, thank you Air, thank you Earth, thank you Sun, thank you farmers, vegetables,  shops, industries, etc, make your own list. Tell your self; “I am alive to make the best of where ever I am right now”.

Step Number seven: Cultivate Faith.

If you have a faith in something non physical, or a religion, get the best out of it. It’s purpose is to increase joy and goodwill in you and everyone around you. Find out ways and means to enable it to make you feel good, then and only then can you do good. Search, keep on searching for what makes you feel good and harms no one or no thing.


Step Number eight: Forgive everything and everyone.

To be really free and happy, all grudges need to be dropped, let go of all negativity towards anyone or anything. One step at a time, be kind to your self, give your self a break and start again. Remember, All resentments do is make the holder of them sick. The antidote is ; Send out waves of goodness, peace and love to everyone. Especially those you see as doing, or have done you harm. Remember, a great teacher once said “They Know Not what they do”. They are not as well as you. “This too shall pass”. Everything is constantly changing, in a never ending flux and flow.

Step Number nine: Be friendly with everyone.

We are here to get on with each other, to help others while helping our selfs. The mental institutions and prisons are full of people who are frightened of what other people may think say or do. We are on this planet to communicate with each other peacefully. We don’t need to agree with anyone, let everyone have their own opinions. For this to work, it begins by being kind in thought, word and deed to Yourself, selfishly. Be aware, be vigilant, constantly observing your mind,and sensations in your body. Let them come and go, they will arise and eventually pass away.                                             Take your time to look for good things to appreciate about your self, others and nature. It’s easy to love those that love you, work out how to love those that are difficult to love. How you deal with difficult situations, that is what really counts.

Step Number ten: Clean your mind.

Most importantly take time to concentrate on your breath everyday, just observe it coming in and going out, don’t try and change it, leave it as it is. Meditate, first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Just be, and accept your self as you are, and watch yourself change effortlessly, peacefully, easily. You are part of nature, be natural, relax, all is perfectly ok and well. No matter what it looks like, or seems to be.

If you make these steps a part of your daily health routine, like the  food you use to maintain the health of the body. This is the food to maintain the mind.

WITHOUT a healthy, positive, constructive, creative thinking mind, the body becomes ill anyway, no matter what physical fuel you put in it.


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