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Walking the extra mile in the mind. Don’t believe me , check it..Any questions replied to

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WARNING! Please approach this story with care. Even though it is metaphorical, it is certainly true. Influences When I was young chimpanzee, just young enough to be carried, my parents took turns t…

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Changing Focus, Changes Health, Clean your Lenses.


“There are always solutions..we just haven’t found them all yet”  (N.Segal. 2016)

Does Changing your Focus, what you believe, really , Change Health ? If that’s true, Clean the Lenses of your mind and thinking.


Where is the evidence ?


We already Know, the placebo effect works and is very powerful. Therefore, what you believe you are observing about your reality, will , eventually clothe it self in its physical manifestation.


It’s called a self fulfilling prophecy. Don’t believe me either, do your own due diligences and research properly.


‘The word “placebo” comes from Latin and means “I shall please.” And “please” it does. In study after study, many people who take a placebo show improvement in their symptoms or condition.


The placebo effect is for real


Recent research on the placebo effect only confirms how powerful it can be — and that the benefits of a placebo treatment aren’t just “all in your head.” Measureable physiological changes can be observed in those taking a placebo, similar to those observed among people taking effective medications. In particular, blood pressure, heart rate, and blood test results have been shown to improve among subsets of research subjects who responded to a placebo.’


Most of the so called ‘evidence’, that hopefully, well meaning: Academics, Scientists, Doctors, Policy Makers, Politicians, Influencers and Law makers bring with them to the table, have been strongly and subtly influenced with pre programmed emotional well-being issues. As well as skewed statistics.

‘There are Lies, Damned Lies, and then there are Statistics’.,_damned_lies,_and_statistics



What are we really made of ? Atoms and Space !


Lets say we are made of four dimensions, Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual.


These four dimensions are usually explored in the light of three accepted human systems:


Biological, Psychological and Sociological.


If, we can change the way we look at the world, we can change our paradigm.


Instead of looking ‘through our conditioned lenses’, at these systems or mechanics, in a spirit akin to Sandra Bem, we can change anything.


Sandra said: “The purpose of this book is to render those lenses visible rather than invisible, to enable us to look at, the culture’s gender lenses, rather than through them”.


I propose we look at the truth about ‘Health Matters’ , and any other thing that matters, through clean unconditioned lenses. Likewise, one of the purposes of this article is to render all lenses, individual and societal as clean and visible.

Therefore, looking at them and through them, includes an exploration of the mainly misunderstood Quantum, or, Spiritual system.


Quantum Physics & Mechanics. The Spiritual System.


“If quantum mechanics hasn’t profoundly shocked you, you haven’t understood it yet.”~ Niels Boh.

Modern science proves that what we think and feel, effects our physical reality, therefore, Changing Focus, Cleaning your Lenses, Changes our Health. Including the planet we inhabit.


Why & What’s the reason 4 Everything. Chapter Two, continued.

Chapter 2 continues

…..One could for instance, let’s say myself, I was in London, and I was on my way to the Netherlands. That was actually another true story, how I rescued a Dutch man Robbie Van Vein, who was stuck in England with no passport, he’d just been released from Walton and was in a sorry state, and just wanted to go home. I will write that story later on how I ended up living in the Gerinstien, Bulmamere, Amsterdam. That was before a plane crashed into it.

Ok here I am in London England again, I had no money so I went along to the Big Issue office that was in Victoria, which is an area of South London, not far from Victoria bus and coach station. I introduced myself, got registered and photographed for the prestigious Big Issue Identification card. Then, for one time only I was given ten copies of the magazine for free.

Back then in the late 1980’s they cost the vendor thirty pieces of silver, and you sold your soul………no only kidding…….thirty pence each, and were sold for a £1. One Pound sterling. Once the ten copies were sold, you could return to the office and purchase further copies. Therefore, if you were very frugal, with the £10. The tenner you just made, you could get your self something to eat and drink and have change left over. One could get a meal for about £2.50 back then from one of the so called ‘Greasy spoons’ , cafes, as you were usually starving and could eat anything.

If you had a bit of nous about you, with the change you could buy more issues, say you had six quid, £6. Six pounds left, that would get you twenty copies of the magazine. Once they were sold you would be grossing £20. in sales. So on and so forth, you get the picture.

Yeah, that was another version of me selling the Big Issue in London, great times, fun and freedom. I really did enjoy that experience looking back. I used to stand outside Baker Street tube, the underground train station, and sell my issues, to the morning business crowd, all rushing along some actually wearing bowler hats, dark suits and usually carrying umbrellas, and or copies of the London Standard news paper. The atmosphere was actually quite exhilarating. I remember one morning two guys stood there dressed up as Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson, promoting their business round the corner. It was a vibrant part of town.

I had a car at the time, although no money and no job, I used to park it near Regent’s Park on one of the last bits of road that was left with free parking , what a luxury and a necessity that was. I would then walk down to Baker street to sell my mags. If it was a warm day I would give my jacket to the flower seller who had a kiosk in the same same spot, and I would go to work calling out the words ‘Issue’, loudly and clearly with a genuine smile on my face. I did very well each day, pats on the back, smiles and comments like, very commendable young man. I’d usually sell out by eleven or twelve O’clock each day after only three or four hours of singing out, those positive vibrating lyrics.

One thing always led to another and after a few weeks I ended up getting a job as the receptionist for the Scientologists on Tottenham Court Road. I had never heard of them, therefore I had no prejudice, I just wanted the job advertised in the window. I got it there and then after a short quizzical interview. As well as running the reception with an old fashioned plug in plug out manual switch board, answering calls from round the world, and patching them through to one of the many departments, in this tall thin building with many floors, nooks and crannies.

After a while I scored another job internally, and was being given a car and a day job of promoting Ron Hubbards science fiction book while dressing up as a space man, phoning up local newspapers and getting them to come out , take a photo and say a few words. I’ve just thought……. All those local London News Paper clips with my name and my words in them. I wonder if they count as published clippings for my free lance writing gigs ? Anyway I am really digressing here. I will get back to the Scientology  episode later where I ended up in Tampa Florida, the U. S of A. another long story coming up.

Where was I , oh yes, Manchester City centre, after 1995 sometime, while walking with the Tramp I went over to a Big Issue seller and gave him a pound, that is a £1. coin, not a pound weight of silver that it’s supposed to be equal to. Anyway, I came back feeling good smiling, and you should have seen the look on tramps face, like a horror mask, like he’d just witnessed me kill something cute. “What’s up”? , I exclaimed.

He was silent as we walked for a minute or two, which seemed like hours. Then he asked me a question “what did you just do” ? , in a voice that sounded just like my beloved uncle Harry, the Cod father. ” I just gave that guy selling the issues a pound” ! “And how do you know that the pound you just gave him won’t kill him” ? he said with an accusing look staring right at me. “What do you mean”,? I asked furtively, hanging on tenterhooks. I was not liking this at all, he looked increasingly angry to me, and I felt like I had just given my dog, who I loved more than humans, a poison sandwhich by mistake.

We walked , not talking , then he threw a question at me, wham………………”What’s the difference between greed and addiction? ”  “I don’t know” ? I fired back,sheepishly, not wanting to say the wrong thing that might annoy him further.   “I can see that”, he snapped back at me angrily. I really was feeling quite upset now and tears were actually welling up in me, I had a lump in my throat, my mouth was dry and my heart was beating ten to the dozen. I could not think, I felt like running, or fighting, my mind had gone blank. Why was this simple interaction having such an effect on me? I did not know at the time.
By the way, that was me way back then, reacting with a severe anxiety induced panic attack, that was linked to post traumatic stress disorder symptoms. I discovered years later that the psychological and physical reaction I was having, had been triggered by unconscious habit patterns of the mind. Deep seated emotional memories or engrams from the past, mixed with traumatic childhood and adulthood incidents. All of which have a cumulative effect on the whole body and mind system, which will be explained in a later chapter of this book Why and what’s the reason for everything.

Moving on, We walked round town a bit, me doing my best to keep up with his marching pace, he was like an angry wind blowing through Manchester. We got to the coffee pot, I just followed him in silently feeling like a naughty boy. He entered the place calm as a mill pond, like a zen master, speaking gently and smiling kindly to the ladies, “Two teas please beautiful’s”. He said in his now warm comfortingly soothing voice. We sat down, “thanks” I said as we added sugar and stirred our teas, he got a large pouch of tobacco out and made a cigarette. He hadn’t spoken for a while, I hadn’t smoked for a while, either, more than a year I think. It was like he read my mind, he slid the tobacco over to me, was this another test ? I just made a cigarette without thinking, and then got up for an ashtray and asked for a light from a girl at another table that had been staring at us. funnily enough, I recall he did not smoke his.

As I relaxed, feeling comforted enjoying the cigarette as the soothing smoke filled my lungs , with cup of tea in hand. He started to speak in a gentler way to me now. I felt Like I had just passed some sort of test, yes, although at the time I did not realise this, it was more like he understood me more and was now being more compassionate.

‘I wasn’t daft’ as we used to say, I just do stupid things sometimes. I said “sorry about that, I didn’t know he was a drug addict”. Meaning, he was dependent on opioids to feel normal. He’d do that, always leave you to work things out for your self. “Just Seeing if you can think” , he’d say. He’d say soothingly , “it doesn’t matter laddie” with a smile in his eyes, but not on his face, in a way that made you felt cared for and understood.

” What it is, is this, hams, it’s , you didn’t think, you just thought you were being kind, when you gave him money, I nodded, ‘and you didn’t know, he just needed that pound to go and buy a bag of smack, what’s it called’?, “heroin”, I said, ‘yes, and that laddie’, he said trying to comfort me, ‘could just be, the bag that kills him stone dead’. And then how would you feel’ ?, ‘Awful,… horrible’. I said. ‘So now you know’. He said with a smile.

“What’s the best thing to do then?” I asked. “Be kind, like you were towards me when we first met”, “I didn’t realise I was”. He smiled and slurped his tea, “can I have another cig?”, I was feeling good again, loving to listen attentively for these pearls of wisdom. “I am also an addict”,  I smiled back. “No , you’re not, You’re a kindness, with No truth” he said.

To be continued…..


Metaphysical Healings Blog: Post number one.

Metaphysical healing. Beyond the physical and into the beginning of creation.

“The Mind is like a fertile garden, what ever seeds are sown therein,  will grow abundantly”.

The Mind precedes Matter, therefore what you think has a profound influence on your physical environment. Ultimately you are responsible. You have the ability to respond. We all create our own reality, depending on the seeds we sow.

Edited and published by, Nicholas: J. Segal. All rights reserved. WITHOUT PREJUDICE

Influenced by the Tramp, the work of Ernest Holmes and other truth tellers. No one has a monopoly on truth, it is there to be of benefit to the world.                                       The truth never changes, it’s only the words used to convey it that change.

Ten Steps on How to get out of a black hole, that is, if your stuck in a cycle of negativity.  Don’t fret there is always hope. Then, you can get on with living a life of satisfaction that’s worth living.

The ten steps outlined below, if  practiced consistently and diligently will help anyone who practices them, to help their own life, and the life of others to improve immeasurably.

Each of the steps will be expanded upon in subsequent postings or books.

Step Number One: Dissolving the Negative habit patterns of the mind.
These are the learnt negative attitudes, thoughts and beliefs. You’ll know them by how you feel. Don’t worry they can be un learnt by replacing them, as the void will always be filled, either by you consciously or unconsciously.                                          Think: “I can do, I can achieve, I can realise anything I have a desire for”. ” I will gain, by helping others gain”. Negative thoughts will produce negative results, as easily as positive thoughts will produce positive results. That is the Law, that always was, is and will be. It is always at work wether we are aware of it or not. To utilise this law, magnetise and fill your self consistently with good feeling thoughts and watch what happens.

Step Number two: Stop worrying.

“There is Nothing in the world that is worth the price of worry”. Worrying is also a learnt habit pattern of the mind, therefore it can be un learnt. The habit pattern of worrying causes most illnesses, both physical and mental. It disturbs the mind and causes the body to become sick. To recondition the mind repeat to your self every morning, First thing upon arising and last thing at night just before sleep. New thoughts.
“The past is gone and I no longer carry it with me”. “Every day in every way, I am getting better and better”. As you say these affirmations to your self, feel the feelings with all your senses, feel the benefits this will have on your self and others. Feel, use your imagination, see and experience the improvements you’d like to have in your life and know they are working their way towards you.

Step Number three: Release inferiority.

Realise you are a unique and valuable human being there is no one else on Earth exactly like you. Say that to yourself and believe it, after all, beliefs are only thoughts that have been repeated over and over and become internalised. Know, that no one is higher or lower than anyone. Everyone has an equally important purpose here and now. You came from non physical infinite, pure loving intelligence. You are here on a mission and the most powerful creative force is on your side. Once aligned with your source energy from which you came anything is possible. You are a child of the universe, No one is higher or lower than you.

Step Number four: Ask your self, who am I ?

Think about who you really are, your personality and character, where did it come from ? How did you learn to communicate with the world you were born into?           Your origin is the most powerful non physical thought vibration, the creator of universes. It is always loving, creative and positive. Yes the universe is friendly.        You are part of that,  that energy is everywhere and in everything and everyone. This thought stuff is the very fast frequency of vibrating energy, it is the building blocks that eventually slows down enough to become its physical equivalent. You have a unique purpose and job to do, and you will know it when you’re doing it, because it will Feel exiting and good.

Step Number five: Take it easy.

Learn how to take things easily, relax. The easier you make your work, the more you will accomplish. Always take the path of least resistance, go with the flow and know you can not get it wrong and you have eternity to get it done. Nothing really dies, it just evolves to a higher level of being. Everything is energy, pulsating atoms and molecules. So long as you know you are always doing the best you can with every moment you are here. Let any burdens you think you have go, take a deep breath and let it go slowly, let the relaxation in. Trust, there are no mistakes, relax, you are always loved, no matter what happens.

Step Number six: Count your blessings.

Make a note everyday of things to be grateful for, look for the good in everything. You are here to experience things through all the physical senses, have fun and be happy. Start looking for ways to enjoy each of your physical senses that you do have, hopefully you have at least one. Count all the little simple things, as they are the most powerful. “I am so happy and grateful now, as I now know that I live in an abundant universe of which I am an important apart of”.                                                                  “Peace, love, harmony and abundance flows to me and through me in increasing amounts, from multiple directions, on a continuous basis”. Take nothing for granted. “Thank you Water, thank you Air, thank you Earth, thank you Sun, thank you farmers, vegetables,  shops, industries, etc, make your own list. Tell your self; “I am alive to make the best of where ever I am right now”.

Step Number seven: Cultivate Faith.

If you have a faith in something non physical, or a religion, get the best out of it. It’s purpose is to increase joy and goodwill in you and everyone around you. Find out ways and means to enable it to make you feel good, then and only then can you do good. Search, keep on searching for what makes you feel good and harms no one or no thing.


Step Number eight: Forgive everything and everyone.

To be really free and happy, all grudges need to be dropped, let go of all negativity towards anyone or anything. One step at a time, be kind to your self, give your self a break and start again. Remember, All resentments do is make the holder of them sick. The antidote is ; Send out waves of goodness, peace and love to everyone. Especially those you see as doing, or have done you harm. Remember, a great teacher once said “They Know Not what they do”. They are not as well as you. “This too shall pass”. Everything is constantly changing, in a never ending flux and flow.

Step Number nine: Be friendly with everyone.

We are here to get on with each other, to help others while helping our selfs. The mental institutions and prisons are full of people who are frightened of what other people may think say or do. We are on this planet to communicate with each other peacefully. We don’t need to agree with anyone, let everyone have their own opinions. For this to work, it begins by being kind in thought, word and deed to Yourself, selfishly. Be aware, be vigilant, constantly observing your mind,and sensations in your body. Let them come and go, they will arise and eventually pass away.                                             Take your time to look for good things to appreciate about your self, others and nature. It’s easy to love those that love you, work out how to love those that are difficult to love. How you deal with difficult situations, that is what really counts.

Step Number ten: Clean your mind.

Most importantly take time to concentrate on your breath everyday, just observe it coming in and going out, don’t try and change it, leave it as it is. Meditate, first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Just be, and accept your self as you are, and watch yourself change effortlessly, peacefully, easily. You are part of nature, be natural, relax, all is perfectly ok and well. No matter what it looks like, or seems to be.

If you make these steps a part of your daily health routine, like the  food you use to maintain the health of the body. This is the food to maintain the mind.

WITHOUT a healthy, positive, constructive, creative thinking mind, the body becomes ill anyway, no matter what physical fuel you put in it.

Why & What’s the Reason for Everything. Chapter 2.(first draft)

Chapter 2. Walking the extra mile in the mind. As I remember it we were in Manchester on Oldham street where the original coffee pot was, run by the lovely Italian lady, and her friends, what a gre…

Source: Why & What’s the Reason for Everything. Chapter 2.(first draft)

Why & What’s the Reason for Everything. Chapter 2.(first draft)

Chapter 2. Walking the extra mile in the mind.

As I remember it we were in Manchester on Oldham street where the original coffee pot was, run by the lovely Italian lady, and her friends, what a great iconic place that was, my eyes are tearing up as I recall the times we had discussing every subject under the sun, “why and what’s the reason for everything “. It was the best place to get a full traditional English dinner, you could stay as long as you liked, never felt rushed, you could smoke, ( even though I had actually found it easy to stop while living and loving the Sufi life for about 18 months) and mugs of lovely tea were only 30p. and that was up to about 1998.

Oh yeah, so he said ” have you prayed for help by any chance”, I was quite shocked at first, I felt my heart speed up and my face felt warm, as though I had been caught out in a lie, when my mind flashed back to remember the night before, I had actually been lying on the floor face down in the prone position crying, and thinking, God if your there…. I don’t know what I am supposed to be doing here help me. My reply to tramp was ” No, I don’t believe in God”, he smiled at me with that knowing look and said ” neither do I, he’s either there, or he’s not”. I replied with ” do you want to come for a cuppa tea” he smiled and we went to the coffee pot.

As we walked in the ladies who ran the place all greeted him well, giving him a kind of knowing smile, he went and sat down while I said let me get the tea. Once we were sat at the table he said inquisitively, ‘By the way “What’s the difference between £5. And £1″?
I didn’t answer straight away….. and I am not at liberty to give the answer I gave to him in this book, for reasons that will be explained later. The short of it was he liked my answer, and smilingly said ” Arr your a thinker”. We both relaxed and it felt like I was sat with a loving father having the talk I had been waiting for all my life. Even though he seemed to do most of the talking while I listened. He spoke in what some would call parables, at the end of each story there was always a question. I discovered his knowledge of the so called esoteric was very extensive, covering subjects within and around what is known as the scriptures, mainly the old and new testaments and their missing books like the apocrypha. I began to have many questions which he never answered directly, there was usually a story with a question. The most powerful story he told me was about a blind beggar and his cup. I later re wrote it and called it the ‘Blindman story’ or ‘Blue bowl’. Which goes like this.

Once upon a time there was a boy who was born blind. When he was 5 he was sent to school, when he got to the school the teacher said “Here’s a Blue Bowl, go out on the streets and beg. While on the streets he would shout everyday ” Please put a penny in my blue begging bowl”. Half way through his life an old tramp came up to him and said. “You know you’re bowl, it’s not Blue”.
He carried on shouting “Please put some money in my Blue begging bowl”. Anyway, he got to about 90 years old and died. After he died he found himself running round outside the gates of safety, shouting, ” Please, put some money in my Blue begging bowl”. This went on for some time until everyone came out to see what all the commotion was about. Everyone was there, Kindness, Caring, Sharing, Patience, Innocents, Wisdom and Truth. Kindness went up to him and said. “We don’t want to harm you or hurt you in anyway, but your bowl…. it’s Not Blue!, can we ask you a question?
Now, before they ask their question, Who is lying in that story? That’s what tramp asked me “Who’s Lying ?, how do you know the difference between truth and lies?” And no way was he going to say another word. I kept asking my self on the way home, who is lying, I went over the story many times the way he told it about a beggar with a cup asking for change.

To be Continued